Comprehensive range of outplacement services covering management and operational employees. We have particular expertise in planning and delivering larger (>30 employees) on-site outplacement programmes.

Career Management

During organisational change programmes a range of employee support requirements emerge including: Career Stocktaking, Career Decision Making, Internal Redeployment Support, Preparation for Internal Selection processes. We can offer independent diagnostic and decision making counselling to facilitate the initial phases; and coaching input to prepare for internal selection situations.

HR Support

Occasionally internal HR specialists need temporary additional resource to manage special projects or spikes in demand e.g. internal/external recruitment exercises, redeployment projects - we would be pleased to discuss how we could help in this type of situation at a cost in keeping with budget constraints.

Change Management

Change is the norm in today's organisation. Whether it is positioned as transformational, strategic or problem solving - the human impact has certain common threads, and it is recognised that skilled support will 'oil' the wheels of change to the benefit of all stakeholders.

"Agony to Ecstasy" - People and their psychological connection to work are a key focus of our business. We work to help employees transform the negative emotions created by change into positive empowered energy, to let them move forward.

woman addressing a meeting

"Colin was very supportive and understanding of my situation and offered a lot of emotional support and encouragement in addition to developing job seeking skills.

In my case this was more important than seeking employment immediately."

Manager, GSK