Career Management

Describes the range of interventions aimed at helping individuals take stock of their present situation, define their preferred future situation and make plans to move in the direction most likely to provide success.

Whilst many of the issues are personal and need to be dealt with in confidential counselling - some generic issues can be usefully discussed and facilitated in small group seminars - normally as a precursor to individual support.

Key Services

- Career Stockcheck

Review of personal and career situation to facilitate medium term career planning (normally facilitated over 3 - 4 structured counselling sessions). This supports normal performance appraisal processes. The individual is able to honestly review all key aspects in a relaxed and creative atmosphere which produces a clear understanding of the steps required to produce career success.

- Career Decision Counselling

This support is helpful where a staff headcount reduction is required and the organisation invites applications for Voluntary Redundancy. This counselling (normally scheduled over one to two individual sessions) aims to help individuals weigh up the "pros" and "cons" and make a considered decision.

- Career Direction Counselling

Given the pace of ongoing changes facing today's organisation, it is inevitable that employees are faced with decision points about how closely their career goals are aligned with the organisation's current priorities.

A career coach provides an independent perspective and works with the individual over 3 - 4 structured sessions to review: Goals, Situation and Options. The key decisions are captured in an Action Plan.

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Access to "Adult Directions" online - a unique resource which helps adults to make decisions about their career direction, using the individual's work-related interests, skills and desired occupation level to identify suitable careers.

Dovetails with "Careerscape" an inspiring online resource that provides up to date information on 1,900 careers, education and training options, employment issues, subjects, higher education courses and lifestyle issues.