The term was originally coined 30 years ago in the US to describe the activities put in place to assist separated employees in coping with the pressures of termination, while helping them to seek new employment.

Organisations have increasingly recognised the importance of providing help to reduce the trauma of redundancy for both departing employees and those who remain.

Our Outplacement Roadmap

Our career coaches ensure that exiting employees develop a clear understanding of the key building blocks to successful transition :

  • Personal Stocktaking - Options, Competencies, Needs/Values, The Ideal Job
  • CV Preparation and Production - Key Experience & Achievements
  • Proactive Job Search - Strategy, Tactics, Tools, Techniques
  • Interviews & Other Selection Approaches
  • Negotiation
  • Campaign Management


- Individual Outplacement Programmes
Designed for managers and individual contributors. The individual works with an assigned consultant who guides and coaches them through the 'roadmap' and supports them until a successful outcome is achieved.

- Group Workshops and Seminars for up to 12 attendees.

- On-site Career Centre Support (for upwards of 30 employees)
Combining group seminars, individual meetings, 'surgery' sessions, web based support, local job search/vacancy generation, liaison with local external bodies.

- Vacancy Generation
Focused Job Search activity including dedicated Job Fair event.

Private Client Services

We can provide Career Management and Outplacement support direct to individuals who have not been offered those services through their employer.

Can we afford it?

  • Quality Outplacement provides clear benefits - practical and psychological - to employees leaving the organisation.
  • Research has shown that investment in effective Outplacement support pays dividends in protecting the company's brand and financial performance
  • Businesses who provide Outplacement have reported positive results in motivation and performance among 'surviving' employees

Manager Training/ Coaching

To ensure the logistics are effectively planned and prepared, we offer focused training and rehearsal opportunities for key managers covering:

  • Project Planning
  • Communicating the Change
  • Handling Reactions